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Beach Yoga

I was just a normal, fortunate person, trying to make it in this world. Having into the societal rat race,  I began chasing for money and power; and I am certain that I unconsciously and consciously hurt a lot of people along the way. It wasn’t until Fatima stepped into my life where she opened my eyes to a much larger perspective. One day as I was sitting at my cubicle, in front of my work laptop, feeling devastated, beaten up and depressed, a sudden realisation that life chasing after fame, power, money was utterly meaningless, and I had become the type person I despised when i was young. Fatima guided me through the process by initially removing attachments, habits and thoughts that were easy and no longer served me. I was able to let go of the excessive fear and worries over additional personal achievements, fame, or money. While I still have a lot of things to work on myself, I am grateful to know how life has been so smooth sailing for me, to be a part of this experience, to peek through the illusion of life, and I prefer this modified version of my new self.

Lastly, I am super grateful to Fatima for her compassion, patience and for being non-judgmental while guiding me through the process. Never once did she show any sign of impatience for in past 2 years. It was easy to open up to her, and her knowledge and life experience indeed provided one the opportunity to be able to individualise the coaching approach based on different hurdles that I need to overcome during my process. I will definitely her services to anyone experiencing difficulties in life, striving to be a better person, or looking to be empowered.

Becoming Better

“I am in a job that allows me to travel, a good pay, and most importantly, it was something that I enjoyed doing. Yet I was chasing for something much purposeful, I felt empty. One second I would be pleasing people; another, I was busy launching a fight with people. I was constantly angry and frustrated. 

Feeling unhappy, I needed help to make some changes due to my stubbornness in ways of thinking. That was when I encountered F. Nathan. She started asking me to address childhood issues that i failed to confront or the bad habits that I picked up along the way. While I was not someone who trusted people easily, F. Nathan has been patient with me by gaining my trust, and eventually, I opened up to her.

She is persistent and always encourages me to move forward in my journey. She would individualize her approach according to different situations, and she will not hesitate to step in and provide more guidance at all times. Although I may not have fully accomplished the transformation that I was hoping for, which she did mention that what we achieve is governed by our circumstances, not what we see on media or expect, but more importantly, what we need. I was glad to have learned the tips on how to tackle issues along the way. 

I would recommend F. Nathan to people who sincerely want to make a change in life. Her "non-bs" yet comical approach will make you laugh, pick up your s***, and change accordingly.

Taking the Initial Steps

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