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The Train Ride

Many of us board the train everyday, purchasing that ticket or simply tapping our monthly pass to gain entry. We get from one destination to another, either passing time listening to music, scrolling through our devices, engaging in conversations or simply just observing the many others around us. Majority of the time, we do not need to think, we just know when to get on and off and take the entire journey for granted, like “pre-programmed” robots. How about if we took a different glance at our daily simple trips as lifes’ actual “journey”?

From a different perspective, one that breaches the “norm”, one that breaks all barriers and yet is reality. We come down to Earth being given a “train pass”, we have no notion on its expiry and it does not require any material expense on your part. This life, then becomes the train ride. So now, let me enhance your imagination a bit more and take you on this ride.

Upon boarding, you look around and imagine yourself as one of those individuals without a technological device to engulf yourself with. Instead, you take a seat and start to observe your surroundings. Many doing what they need to do, others just awaiting time to pass to reach their destination. Now, this train has a conductor and his job as an individual and as someone with conscience is responsible to keep the train moving and every single life on board, that most do not even heed simply because nothing has happened, neither will it, once again, based on their notion for taking an everyday trip for granted.

Here’s the understanding to be gained from the entire story and reflection. If a mishap were to occur with the train, the conductor then puts everyone’s life in his hands taking accountability and doing the necessary to ensure that lives are not lost. He will not be able to ever do it alone, he will ask that everyone remains calm and understand that he is doing his best to rectify the situation. As an individual, we can at that moment, understand that we are part of something bigger, that our collective conscience, our togetherness and faith is the only thing that will not only give him the strength he needs, but the reassurance from one another. The beauty of the miracle is the term “faith can move mountains”. Collective energy and consciousness is able to transform and create the most unimaginable positive outcomes that occur with only 100% faith and 0% doubt. When the train arrives at the destination or is halted with all lives safely on board, before an undesired outcome, albeit the conductor was the initiator and responsible individual, he/she requires the assistance of everyone present at that moment.

So what’s the point of it? We are all given an opportunity to live life, the ticket is ours. What would you do on that train? How would you behave? Would you let life pass you by being ignorant? Would you realize your importance as part of a collective? Spirituality is never forced onto anyone. Yes, it is intended for everyone to experience, simply because Heaven can and is to be experienced on Earth. To preach it and experience it means something bigger, to ACTUALLY live it. Reality is you can disembark at any point, unaccountable for anything OR you can continue that journey, trusting it and see how it unfolds. You will be amazed!

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