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Learning From The Past and Focusing On The Present To Build A Better Tomorrow

We experience hurt, grief, challenges, tests and so the list goes on. Eventually, we learn, walk away and think we have made the necessary changes and are ready to go on with life. Truth be told, what many of us do is build a defensive mode to never be treated the same again. We end up building a wall around us and spend too much time in the zone, refusing to give into even the best situation, circumstances or people. We become doubtful and question everything, finding faults and resisting change for a better outcome even when it presents itself. Yet, we hope and pray that change and better days come. So think, for a second, based on what justice?

Instead, remember that the past gives you an opportunity to break free, not to forget because then you wouldn’t learn. In turn, it is to forgive, take the right chances, be a different you and to share the new you with anyone. To explore new situations with a different outlook this time, to try something out of the norm, to explore what you haven’t tried, to become the person you never imagined in a true, positive self. The past gives you a chance to build and live in the present, of your true new identity. All this so you can build a better tomorrow, not just for yourself but for the people, circumstances and situations that hold the equivalent beauty that you now encompass. The past is not meant to hurt you or you to remember your hurt on anyone but instead, to learn. The present isn’t about having to think about the past and wasting time there or trying to envision the future without living in the present. It’s to build you at that exact moment in time. The future is what you can build all simply based on learning from the past to live in the new present!

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