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Building Consciously

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

What do we build? Let’s take a look at our lives. We are constantly building our progress in this World as an individual, we build our bank accounts, we build a home, we build a family. Ask yourself this question, what is the purpose of building that?

Then ask yourself these questions: Am I focusing on these things for personal success alone? Am I getting married because everyone else is? Am I seeking to build a family because time is running up? Because I have fulfilled all the other ticks that this is the only thing left? Importantly, am I doing this because that is what “life” is about as learnt and witnessed?

Then take a few steps back and from your heart ask yourself these questions: Do I ever do all this and still feel empty? Am I feeling unsatisfied and incomplete no matter what I achieve? Is there something else that I would rather do and always wanted to do? Do my true intentions align with the current “norm” and matrix? If it seems like the majority of the answers are YES then you have NOT achieved your OWN ultimate potential and DESIRE…

Then why do you KEEP DOING THIS?

Step away, forget fear, make those changes, different CAN be good…ALIGN because YOU have the OPTION..stop GIVING EXCUSES..step OUT..STAND YOUR GROUND..have FAITH..

You cannot CHANGE the World UNLESS you start with SELF!!!

As spiritually awakened as I am, as much outside help as you seek from anyone, no one is able to dictate or magically transform YOUR situation or CIRCUMSTANCE without your help…only YOU can do that..I can ONLY assist YOU…it starts with ADMITTANCE and then ACCEPTANCE and then the will to CHANGE! From ONLY YOU!!!

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